Delivering an enterprise cloud architecture

It’s about process, says someone that wears the t-shirt

Paul Khosla from Colliers International was faced with an ageing three-tier server architecture in need of an upgrade. He pitched the boss the benefits of replacing it with a hyper-converged enterprise cloud model that would be more fit for the future. It wasn’t straightforward: like many organisations, Colliers had its own blend of infrastructure already in place, a wealth of public and private cloud options to consider, and a demanding business to satisfy.

So, how did he square the multiple circles, define an enterprise cloud architecture for effective service delivery to the business and its customers, and then move to it with minimal disruption? You can tune in to this webinar to find out why Paul embarked on this journey, the steps he took and what potholes were overcome along the way.

Joining Paul is our host, Jon Collins, analyst Tony Lock and Mark Lewis from Nutanix. Together they explore the broader context, cutting through the gordian knot of infrastructure complexity, multiple cloud models, competing vendors, enterprise data centres in various states of virtualisation-fuelled (hyper-)convergence and an explosion of software stacks, containers… the list goes on.

So, if you are working through the process of delivering a flexible enterprise cloud, and want to still come out smiling at the end, take a look here.

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