z Systems Cloud ebook

A critical component of your cloud strategy

Published October 2017

Walmart processes 400 million transactions a day. Sicoob, one of Brazil’s largest credit cooperatives, avoids $1.5 million in annual energy costs. And Banca Carige can now offer high-speed analytics on real-time data to more than 1 million banking customers simultaneously. They did this with Cloud on z Systems technology for a more flexible cloud designed to reduce costs, cycle times, complexity, and risks.

As a CIO, determining the right hybrid cloud strategy for your business will be a cornerstone of your professional legacy and the foundation of your digital business.

Download this client case study eBook to:

  • See why clients chose IBM z Systems as a critical component of their cloud strategy.
  • Start your hybrid cloud strategy with your existing mainframe solution.
  • Realize the TCO advantage of Cloud on IBM z Systems: 32 percent lower cost than distributed and 60% lower cost than public cloud equivalents.

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