Think Your Business Can’t Afford to Implement Flash Storage?

Maybe you can’t afford not to

Published October 2017

Storage growth consistently ranks among the top data center concerns cited by IT leaders in a Frost & Sullivan annual survey. If the issue were simply one of volume, storage administrators would just load the data onto tape and send it to an offsite vault. Instead, enterprises want to unlock the value of their growing data assets.

To respond to changing needs, storage technologies have evolved. New systems are being introduced that rely on flash (or solid state) technology, which provides greater density, faster transactions, higher availability, and greater power efficiency than traditional hard drives.

Unfortunately, many businesses associate flash with a premium price-point, and decide they cannot justify the investment. Perhaps they’re looking at the wrong flash systems. The right flash storage system can fit right into the enterprise data center environment, optimizing the most critical data workloads, including those that rely on powerful, next-generation mainframes. Furthermore, the right flash system will deliver performance benefits for the business that offset top-line costs. In this paper, we explore flash storage technology, and offer tips for selecting a system that can deliver the performance you need in a budget-friendly way.

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