Mobile: Design to Succeed or Designed to Fail

Experience really matters

Published October 2017

Think you know what you’re doing in mobile? Think again. The mobile ecosystem is constantly evolving to satisfy users’ demands for fast, attractive, effective mobile applications and experiences. Success and failure can happen faster than it took you to read this sentence.

Digital technologies are disrupting today’s business ecosystem, and mobile is leading the way. According to the most recent Global C-suite Study from the IBM Institute for Business Value, CxOs expect mobile technology, alongside cloud and the Internet of Things, to dominate the future of business. Mobile offers here-and-now data that can transform user experience – creating more personalized, more engaging, and more relevant customer interactions than ever before.

With mobile, experience really matters. If the experience of an app is not compelling and engaging, consumers won’t waste their time with it. They’ll quickly move on to an alternative – or worse yet, your competition. An app’s survival, therefore, depends on good design and an intuitive user interface. If you want your brand to survive, you don’t have a choice: design has to be purposeful from the start.

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