Preparing For The New OWASP

Top 10 and beyond

Published December 2017

There’s a reason why web application firewalls have been getting so much attention lately. It’s the same reason we keep hearing about major security and data breaches left, right, and center.

Are we are not investing enough in penetration testing and remediation? Do we not understand the risks? Are we not deploying the right tools to mitigate these vulnerabilities?

These are persistent, long-standing problems that remain omnipresent due to the difficulty of building and rebuilding remediations into every new application that is shipped. Understanding and defending against web application vulnerabilities typically requires focused security expertise, a skillset that few developers can realistically cultivate while getting actual development done at the same time.

Fortunately, there are options. Having the right tools and third-party controls in place can go a long way toward mitigating risk—and speeding development of your application at the same time.

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