IT as a platform for business success

Delivering on the dream

No IT environment is an island. You’ve done what you can to manage your core applications and services, things are running relatively smoothly but you’ve reached the point where there’s not much more efficiency you can gain. At the same time, the business is looking at how it can extend how it uses technology — providing more interactive customer experiences, making better use of external and cloud services, delivering on its innovation goals.

So, what do you do next?

A number of options exist beyond this point, based on public and private cloud, software stacks and services, in-house and outsourced. But most revolve around seeing IT as a platform for business innovation and value. It can be difficult to know what changes will bring the most benefit — if replacing everything you have isn't an option, where should you prioritise your efforts (and indeed, your budgets)?

In this webinar, aimed at technical decision makers and architects in mid-sized companies, we consider how to take IT infrastructure to the next level, to provide a platform for new, innovative services and make the business ready for the future. We look at:

  • What is the difference between more platform-based and traditional IT infrastructures?
  • What options exist, and how can these be seen as part of a coherent architecture?
  • What challenges need to be addressed when moving to a platform-based infrastructure?
  • How and where can you start setting priorities, defining timescales and allocating funds?

So, if you are feeling you are coming up against the infrastructure glass ceiling, join James Hall from HPE, Simon Birney from NG-IT, analyst Tony Lock from Freeform Dynamics and our host Jon Collins, to find out how to deliver a next-generation IT platform that is fit for the future.

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