Is all flash ready to be the data center default?

Let’s look under the covers of a modern system to find out


All flash has historically been the ‘special’ option for high-performance storage needs. But as costs have come down, and efficiency, resilience and flexibility have increased, should you now choose all flash unless there’s a very good reason to do otherwise? Some argue that it’s the only way to think if you are serious about future-proofing your datacenter.

But you wouldn’t be doing your job if you always took things on face value. Knowing what’s behind the claims is important to understand the practicalities and limitations. Only then can you confidently make decisions or recommendations to budget holders.

This Regcast is designed to help. We aim to give you what you need to consider how far all flash can and should be taken in your environment against the backdrop of escalating business pressures and demands.

So, tune in and listen to Tony Lock from Freeform Dynamics, who has studied the latest developments in all flash technology from a real-world perspective. He will be joined by Marcel Pohle from Huawei, who will give us a peek under the covers of a high-end system to explain how the claims and promises are backed by hard-core engineering practicality.

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