Network intelligence planning guide

Insights on net neutrality, cloud readiness, security and WAN transformation

Published May 2018


One of the trickiest mindset shifts that business leaders have to make in the era of the cloud is understanding the highly unpredictable nature of the Internet as compared to other infrastructure systems on which they’ve historically relied. Recently, the FCC ruling to overturn what has become known in the U.S. as Net Neutrality has thrown open an impassioned debate over how the Internet should work. This is an important public policy debate for the U.S. for many reasons.

However, for business leaders, it also highlights the need to recalibrate how they view the Internet and what their organization needs to thrive in an Internet-connected world. Given that businesses are increasingly reliant on the Internet, both as a source of revenue and as a platform for nearly every form of IT communication and enablement, this is a matter of existential importance.

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