How Malware can Steal your Data - And what you can do to stop it

Protect your organization with layered defense

Published June 2018

How Malware can Steal your Data - And what you can do to stop it

In a world of different types of criminals with varying skill levels, time commitments, resources, and specializations, there’s only one constant: attackers have their eyes set firmly on your apps and the data behind them—and they’re using malware to steal it.

Cyber criminals attempt to compromise your apps with schemes like social engineering, malware writing, botnet herding, credit card fraud, credential laundering, trading in stolen digital goods, and selling corporate intellectual property—all intended to generate increasing returns

With so many cyber criminals stealing so much data—and having so many ways to turn that data into cold, hard cash—you may be left wondering whether there’s any solution to the problem of malware. While there’s no single thing you can do to prevent these kinds of attacks, a layered defense strategy can help dramatically reduce your vulnerability to malware.

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