Simplify your Security - Focus on these four attack categories

Accelerating your business means securing your apps

Published June 2018

Simplify your Security

They fuel innovation and are the driving force for staying competitive in an always-on, always connected world. Apps are the way you build relationships with your customers, empower your employees to be productive, facilitate growth, and so much more

The rise of the cloud has produced millions of new apps that hold untold amounts of confidential data. These cloud-based apps give businesses of all sizes the agility necessary to thrive in an increasingly fast-paced marketplace.

However, they also create a host of complex challenges—and new risks. Plus, with automated tools and a growing repository of expertise for hire, threats are increasing, and hacking has turned into a lucrative for-profit game.

So, while apps have increased productivity and the speed of innovation, they have also opened the door to unprecedented threats, expanding the threat landscape and putting corporate data and reputations at risk.

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