The Six Essential Capabilities of an Analytics Driven SIEM

Modern threats demand analytics-driven security and continuous monitoring

Published July 2018


An analytics-driven SIEM allows IT to monitor threats in real time and respond quickly to incidents so that damage can be avoided or limited. But not all attacks are external—IT needs a way to monitor user activity so that it can minimize the risks from insider threat or accidental compromise. Threat intelligence is critical to understand the nature of the broader threat environment and put those threats into context for the organization. An analytics-driven SIEM must naturally excel at security analytics, giving IT teams the power to use sophisticated quantitative methods to gain insight into and prioritize efforts. Finally, a SIEM today must include the specialized tools needed to combat advanced threats as part of the core platform.

There are six essential capabilities of an analytics driven SIEM:

• Real-Time Monitoring
• Incident Response
• User Monitoring
• Threat Intelligence
• Advanced Analytics
• Advanced Threat Detection

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