Bursting the Cloud’s Bubble

Calculating the Costs of On-Premise Flash Storage vs. Public Cloud Storage

Published August 2018


Enterprises today are under significant pressure to deliver greater performance and efficiency as they manage their critical data and applications. Many are seeking options that can meet their fast-growing demands for storage capacity and high-performance applications at an affordable price. IT departments within these organizations are being asked to evaluate cloud storage services since they have a reputation for being an economical option. However, IT managers are understandably reluctant to transfer control and management of their IT infrastructure to a cloud storage service provider because of concerns over security, access, and meeting critical service level agreements (SLAs).

But there is another option that offers organizations an unbeatable combination of high performance and cost competitiveness: High-density flash storage in a hyper-consolidated on-premise data center. When high performance is a must, as it is for many mission-critical applications and storage solutions, there is nothing more competitive than flash.

To prove it, we compared the costs of an organization growing its storage consumption on the Amazon EBS Cloud vs. a leased Tegile IntelliFlash HD storage array. The results may shock you...

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