Mis-behaving: the Evolution of the Insider Threat

Dealing with the undesirable emergence of rogue behaviours


Even the best organisations can suffer from occasional bouts of ‘bad employee syndrome’, in which a single bad apple can damage several barrels.

Further complicating the matter, the “bad employee” may not even be deliberately mis-behaving, it could be their credentials and/or systems have been compromised.

Like it or not, business as usual means dealing with the undesirable emergence of rogue behaviours, with the potential of negative impacts on both other employees, and the business as a whole.

This challenge is not going to go away: as more and more companies are developing modern workforces that are mobile, offsite, and comprised of contracts. In turn, the ability to spot bad practices and actors has become more difficult than ever. The consequences can be range from general inefficiency, to financial loss, reputational, compliance and security risk across all kinds of data, including sensitive customer information.

In this webinar, we speak to experts from LogRhythm, a security intelligence company that produces SIEM and UEBA products, and a security industry analyst firm Freeform Dynamics, to determine:

  • What is the new face of the insider threat — how do bad apples manifest themselves in today’s organisations?
  • What are the costs of doing nothing — how much damage is being done, day on day, and why is nothing being done?
  • What does a solution look like — how do best practices, tools and roles combine to mitigate the insider threat?
  • Where to start — what is the best approach to take an organisation from a denial state to a clear view?

If you are familiar with the challenge and want to do something about it, or if you lack a clear picture of the insider threat and how to address it, tune in.

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