The Six Essentials For DevOps Team Excellence

Embedding security and development best practices

Published September 2018


If you design, develop, manage or secure enterprise business-technology systems, you know the demand to move the business forward is relentless. There is a constant demand to deploy new applications, update applications with new features, digitize as many business workflows as possible, improve the customer application experience, and of course, keep everything secure while you are at it.

To succeed at this speed, enterprises have embraced cloud for its agility, ease-of-use, and scalability. It has brought a new approach to development and enterprise IT, such as continuous integration/continuous deployment and DevOps, which deliver agility and more rapid development capabilities to internal teams.

But where does security stand when it comes to keeping these systems and enterprise data secure?

This new ebook, "The Six Essentials for DevOps Team Excellence" offers a framework for DevOps teams embedding security and development best practices into an agile operation.

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