Putting the Sec into DevSecOps

No. We don’t like the term either...


DevOps, the clue’s in the name: if you can get software development and infrastructure operations talking to, and working with each other, then you have resolved one of the most fundamental challenges of modern technological life. With DevOps working, you can deliver faster, become more innovative, gain market share and all end of wonderful benefits.

At least, that’s the principle. Opening this line of communication is a start, but (as many organisations are finding out) the path to nirvana requires a few more stakeholders on the team. Not least security professionals, whose expertise often sits out on a limb, to be brought in only if pushed. It’s a challenge: bring security into the development cycle and progress slows; leave it out and risk increases.

So, what to do? In recognition of the need to bring security into DevOps, someone somewhere has coined the clunky, yet appropriate term DevSecOps: no, we don’t like it either, but it does what it says on the tin.

In this webinar we look at how to deliver on this need, covering:

  • Why security needs to shift left, a.k.a. the relationship between timeliness and risk
  • Challenges of delivering on the DevSecOps (ahem) dream
  • A road map for delivering security-enabled innovation
  • Tools, technologies and practices to help along the way

So, if you’ve got burning questions about how to do DevSecOps, if you have it all sussed and want to share the goodness, or if you simply have a better name for the thing, join our panel and let’s see how far down this rabbit hole goes.

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