The Business Value of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

A cost-effective and efficient application platform

Published October 2018


More organizations are undertaking initiatives and adopting technologies designed to ensure that their application development efforts support their businesses with timely and feature-rich software releases. For example, organizations are implementing a DevOps approach to replatform and build new applications that are fast and transaction intensive while supporting modern application architectures. More recently, containerization has emerged as a technology that enables developer self-service and a shift to a cloud architecture. Of course, organizations expect that these initiatives and technologies will lead to more effective and efficient application development efforts, measured in terms of cost, development life cycles, and quality and functionality of business applications and services.

This study shows that organizations have implemented JBoss EAP as a cost-effective and efficient application platform that also has helped them move forward with key technological initiatives such as DevOps and containerization. With JBoss EAP, organizations have spurred development efforts, resulting in shorter development cycles and more productive application development teams. In turn, this means that their development efforts support their businesses better, generating operational efficiencies in the form of higher user productivity and improved business results. These productivity gains help many organizations compete in markets increasingly focused on the delivery of digital services and products.

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