Five steps to dealing with the insider threat

You only know what you know. Join us to find out the full story…

Five steps to dealing with the insider threat

The traditional ‘defence in depth’ approach to cybersecurity is under threat — from within. Organisations can put in place all the layers of security they like, but all it takes is one rogue operator, poorly vetted subcontractor or individual looking for a shortcut, for the lot to be thrown out of the window.

Of course, this is not a new problem. Areas such as data leakage protection, access management, incident response or behavioural analysis each look to identify problems before they happen. But how can organisations deal with the insider threat in a holistic fashion, and take away the risk of things falling between the cracks?

And, while the fact that 99.99% of individuals are trustworthy can be of scant comfort if a breach has already happened, but how can you balance the need for pre-emptive action with intrusiveness, particularly in compliance-based environments?

In this webinar, ObserveIT’s VP of International, Simon Sharp presents the five steps required for dealing effectively with the insider threat, from preparation and assessment to visibility and enforcement. On hand is our very own Jon Collins, to ask your questions and keep things real. You only know what you know, so if you feel you are out on a limb when it comes to internally motivated threats, join us at this webinar to find out the whole story.

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