Secure Software Development Strategy Essentials

Regulatory and technical challenges, and how to address them

Published November 2018


Trust is the foundation of the relationship between software companies and their customers. The ability to prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands is a cornerstone of this trust. Failure to properly safeguard data can have profound and lasting impact on a company’s reputation and their bottom line.

Software has become a central component of businesses everywhere. However, strict regulatory and compliance requirements can govern the way teams build software, and these requirements are often prohibitive enough to compromise performance and stifle innovation.

The good news is secure development doesn’t have to be a barrier to collaboration or innovation. Thousands of organisations are using GitHub to free their workflows from insular development and build secure processes that give engineering teams the flexibility to do their best work. With consumer expectations higher than ever and increased pressure to lower costs, efficient, collaborative, and secure workflows can help teams shift focus to where it matters most: Building the best, most innovative software for their customers.

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