Scale Out, Not Up, For Data Management Economics

7 reasons to embrace scale-out infrastructure vs. scale-up for your data protection

Published December 2018


The cloud has introduced new benefits to our IT infrastructures. From compelling elasticity and scale to greater resiliency and availability, it has raised the bar for our service delivery expectations. Even so, the cloud is not the ideal home for all data or every workload. But, that doesn't mean you must resign yourself to the idea that web-scale services can't be achieved with on-premises infrastructure. New scale-out infrastructure has been optimised to support the data protection and management you use, as well as secondary storage you use, to help you achieve cloud-like benefits within your own environment.

Consider these seven reasons to embrace a scale-out, rather than scale-up, approach for your data management. When used for processes such as backup and recovery, scale-out technology can help you realise the cloud-like the economics and performance you want, in your datacentre.

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