Zero Touch Email Certificate Deployment

Improved S/MIME Installation and Management for the Enterprise

Published February 2019

Zero Touch Email Certificate Deployment

Businesses across all industries depend on email as an indispensable communication medium. Download this whitepaper to find out how S/MIME email certificates the security profile of your email communications in three ways.

• Authentication of sender. Each S/MIME email certificate includes the sender’s authenticated email address, giving receivers a mechanism to confirm that requests for information, wire transfers, or other actions are genuinely from authorized parties.

• Encryption of email content and attachments. Sending and receiving mail clients are enabled for encryption and decryption of email content (including attachments) if certificates are in place. That prevents malicious software from intercepting email communication in transit and reading its contents.

• Assurance of integrity. If a signed email or its attachments are altered in any way, it will fail validation and the user will be warned by the email client.

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