A Smarter Internet of Things?

Driving business value from data-driven AI


The Internet of Things is growing up, as organisations realise it isn’t enough to stream data from edge devices: not only do bandwidth constraints force decisions about the data you need, but also, it can make sense to process data and make smarter decisions at the edge rather than in the cloud.

While the promise of IoT is great, across use cases from predictive maintenance and supply chain efficiency, smarter automation and more effective service delivery, the reality is less straightforward.

Today’s smarter, more powerful edge devices, sensors and gateways require additional expertise in terms of how to architect and deploy an efficient, effective IoT solution.

In this webinar with solution provider Avnet, we cut through the complexity and look at how to deploy, manage and monitor "Smart Edge" devices and the tools and building blocks that can save time, money and complexity in your deployments as you scale IoT usage in an industrial landscape.

We cover:

  • The state of play — how demand is increasing for smarter, more effective IoT architectures
  • What’s preventing progress — the challenges and bottlenecks slowing down deployments, from device management to security
  • How to respond — from C-suite discussions to hard technical questions, what decisions need to be made?
  • Where to start — how to look at your own IoT needs and address them using leading-edge AI technologies

Whatever your questions, whether you are on the brink of a major IoT roll-out or just looking to put your toes in the water, tune in.

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