Six Reasons Why a VAR Should Add Managed Services

Transitioning your solutions menu to offer managed services will naturally present new challenges, as would any business growth

Published February 2019


As a value-added reseller in the technology space, the impact of rapid changes in the VAR landscape may have hit home with you. Pricing is becoming increasingly competitive. In an already low-margin environment, numbers continue to shrink, putting enormous pressure on achieving a survivable - let alone impressive - bottom line.

To remain competitive and be in a position for growth, you can’t wait - now is the time to look outside the traditional VAR business model, and expand your offerings to include managed services. We’re not talking about one-time implementation and training, or even occasional reactive product support. Managed service providers (MSP) deliver full-fledged, on-going, proactive monitoring and management of customers’ IT environments, resulting in (and here’s the best part) a monthly recurring revenue stream.

So, why should you consider putting resources into moving to this business model, and what can you hope to gain? Very valid questions! Fortunately, we have answers in these 6 need-to-know reasons why you should add managed services.

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