IBM Cyber Incident Recovery technical brief

Protect data and platform configurations with a purpose-built capability for fast, reliable and scalable recovery from cyberattacks

Published March 2019


While IT security teams are getting better at preventing cyberattacks from happening, attacks remain a matter of “when” one will occur (if it hasn’t already) rather than “if” it will happen. A business disruption caused by cyberattacks corrupting your critical data and configurations of your systems can be as damaging to an organization’s financial well-being and reputation as data theft or a complete IT outage.

This can be especially true when cyberattacks involve data encryption or malware specifically targeting data backups. Continuous network exposure to backup and disaster recovery (DR) locations can allow malware the opportunity to corrupt or encrypt this data, leaving both primary and backup data unusable, significantly delaying the ability to regain production-level operations.

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