Rethinking enterprise analytics

Turning data into insight


“Be careful what you wish for” might be the tenet of any operations, security or business manager. Back in the day, creating data around machines and processes required onerous levels of instrumentation for the meagrest of data feeds, whereas now, there’s so much of the information and it has become almost impossible to see the wood for the trees, branches, leaves and everything else. The answer should be analytics, with the aspiration to take all that data and turn it into secure, clear insight, but traditional analytics approaches are piecemeal, restrictive, non-economical and inflexible, requiring a modern approach to design and delivery of cloud workloads.

In this webinar we consider how organisations can rethink their approach to analytics, so that data can become a source of insight rather than an ever-expanding burden. We speak to Colin Fernandes, Director Product Marketing, for Sumo Logic in EMEA and Clive McDonald, who manages Sumo Logic’s EMEA Sales Engineering team, along with the sagesse of Tony Lock at Freeform Dynamics to cover:

- How did we get into this position, and what challenges does it cause?
- What tools, technologies and practices exist in response?
- Where to start and what steps to take?

Bringing in examples as diverse as Channel 4 and Pokémon, we look at how you can mine your data mountains and deliver insights to the people that need them, shifting data into being an asset that helps drive the business forward. If you want to know more, tune in.

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