Ocado Changes the Face of Online Shopping with New Relic

Case Study

Published March 2019


In 2014 Ocado found itself in a transitional period. Demands on its business were increasing and Ocado felt that a move to a cloud infrastructure would give the company more flexibility and scalability. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was chosen as the target environment.

The New Relic platform was introduced to support the cloud migration, including integrating well over 100 microservice applications into the OSP platform. New Relic acted very much as a ‘security blanket,’ as Peter Thomas, head of E-Commerce OSP at Ocado Technology termed it: ‘New Relic APM provided the extra visibility into our systems and platforms, which we needed. It gave us confidence that our migration was going as expected, and, if not, we were in a very good position to address any issues early. We learned lots about cloud architecture, and it was great having New Relic there to reassure us nothing was quietly going wrong behind the scenes.’

New Relic became more pervasive within Ocado and is now often used to pinpoint the root cause of any performance issues.

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