Time to refresh your thinking on technology infrastructure

Make the most of today’s architecture options



Looking to separate the signal from the noise with regard cloud adoption, infrastructure adoption and all that?

Are you feeling bamboozled by whether you should be a public-cloud-first shop, or the differences between hybrid and multi-cloud - and whether this even matters, in organisations you might call peers? Are you seeking a clear picture about how to make the most of today’s architecture options, improve visibility, reduce costs and any other benefits?

Well, now’s your moment.

In this webinar we bring you the lie of the land, the state of the market and, yes the bigger picture about all things data centre and cloud infrastructure.

Based on a recent survey of yourselves, the readers of The Reg, experts from analyst firm Freeform Dynamics and Nutanix bring you answers to these questions and more, drilling into topics such as is public cloud cheaper than on site, is it actually possible to build your own private-cloud that behaves like the public cloud, how do you ensure that you realise the best return on investment and what the future holds for enterprise infrastructure.

Above all, we’ll cover the kind of mindset that you'll need to ensure you deliver on your organisation’s requirements, and how the broader organisation also needs to change its thinking to move beyond shadow IT and, yes, take back control of its technology investments.

If any, or all of these topics rock your boat, or if you have any other burning questions you’d like to see answered by hard data, tune in.

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