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Published March 2019


Technology portfolios are like fingerprints: no two organisations use the exact same apps and services the same way. Data from the Okta Integration Network—which includes over 5,500 integrations with cloud, mobile and web apps, and IT infrastructure providers—shows that companies around the world are choosing technologies that prioritise interoperability, automation, and offer a broad range of functionality. What stands out this year? The fastest-of-the fastest growing apps focus on identity driven security, indicating that companies are taking Zero Trust seriously. We also see the impressive power of network effects, explore how the most popular apps keep growing, and dive into how workers feel about them. At the same time, like modern-day Darwins, we’re watching evolution before our eyes, seeing companies connect “cloud to-ground,” continuing to protect on-premises infrastructure even as they move to the cloud.

Download to the fifth Businesses @ Work report for an in-depth look into how organisations and people work today — exploring workforces and customers, and the applications and services they use to be productive.

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