Addressing Security Challenges in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Today’s Threat Landscape can be a Challenge For Enterprises

Published April 2019


Hybrid environments provide organizations with agility and efficiency while also reducing costs. But leaving them exposed to threats can have adverse ramifications to an organization’s bottom line, which is why securing them is of great importance. Fortunately, organizations are increasingly realizing this: It is projected that by 2019, 70 percent of enterprise DevOps initiatives will integrate automated security as well as vulnerability and configuration scanning for application packages.

While incorporating security and implementing best practices into workload processes and development life cycles can be a daunting challenge, it can empower enterprises to be more resilient against threats while keeping pace with the need to innovate.

Trend Micro’s Hybrid Cloud Security solution provides powerful, streamlined, and automated security integrated into your organization’s DevOps pipeline while delivering multiple XGen threat defense techniques for protecting runtime physical, virtual, and cloud workloads. It also adds protection for containers via Deep Security and Deep Security Smart Check, including the scanning of container images during predeployment and host and Kubernetes protection at runtime across your Amazon EC2 workloads and hybrid servers.

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