Transparently Extend Capacity with Komprise & Western Digital Activescale

Optimize Capacity and Lower Costs with Intelligent Data Management

Published April 2019


Organizations in every industry face explosive data growth, and the costs of dealing with the problem keep rising. Huge volumes of unstructured, rarely accessed data consume large amounts of NAS capacity in most companies, as well as growing backup and recovery resources. Now, you can slash storage costs by continuously, automatically moving inactive data to a cloud object storage tier—without disrupting your users or applications.

By combining Western Digital ActiveScale™ cloud object storage systems with Komprise Data Management, you can take advantage of the scalability, performance, and economics of private cloud object storage for more of your data. Komprise transparently moves your data from primary NAS to object storage, while preserving the file-based access on which your file hierarchies, applications, and users rely.

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