Secure Branch Office Connectivity and Optimized Access to SaaS Applications

Barracuda Cloud Generation Firewalls and SD-WAN

Published April 2019


More than ever, today’s businesses rely on connectivity. We’re growing more reliant on advanced dispersed networks. And new network topologies are emerging, to accommodate the accelerating adoption of SaaS solutions and public cloud platforms. It is increasingly critical to ensure predictable application performance, reliability, and secure connectivity at all times and at all locations.

To help ensure high connectivity and bandwidth while controlling bandwidth costs, nextgeneration firewalls must take on new operational tasks. They must ensure uninterrupted network availability and robust access to cloud-hosted applications, while also simplifying the management of dispersed network infrastructures.

Barracuda Cloud Generation Firewalls are designed to optimize distributed networks, scaling easily across any number of locations, platforms, and applications, and leveraging state-of-the-art technologies like SD-WAN and Zero Touch Deployment.

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