Cloud Adoption as Viewed by European Companies

Assessing the Impact on Public, Hybrid and Private Cloud Communications

Published April 2019


It is not a question of “if” you will shift your communication to the cloud, but “when”. This is one of the main take-aways from this second edition of Mitel's survey of how European companies see the cloud. Cloud-based solutions are synonymous with innovation for a large majority of respondents, and appear to be inevitable. In a world where a company’s ability to rapidly adopt change has become critical, the pay-as-you-use model answers their need for flexibility and innovation, particularly where collaboration is concerned.

Through this survey we can compare the needs and requirements expressed by corporate respondents, and better grasp the cultural variants and potential obstacles in different countries. The responses are often similar from one country to another, but some notable exceptions reveal the disparate levels of maturity for the adoption of cloud-based solutions in Europe. While each country retains specific features, the SaaS model has upended the market approach, and the markets themselves. The IT director is no longer the sole decision maker. Other job functions are more closely involved, and in some cases are themselves originating business. Decision cycles are shorter. In this context the appreciation of the user experience takes on its full significance.

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