Connecting with the Next Gen Customer

Top 5 trends smart companies are addressing to evolve their contact centers into engagement centers

Published April 2019


Traditionally, the contact centre has been positioned purely as a voice-only sales and service centre. It was the central point for solving customer problems and had everything to do with improving first call resolution, minimising hold times and scripting perfection.

Fast forward to a new decade and progressive companies are realising these customer connection points can be maximised by focusing on the customer experience. In the new engagement centre model, leading companies are interacting with customers anywhere and everywhere both when they reach out (via phone, email, chat, SMS) and in their everyday experiences.

To develop a truly effective engagement centre, communications need to flow in both directions and customer sentiment should be measured in multiple touch points including social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

This eBook will outline the top five trends progressive companies are addressing to transform their contact centre into a true customer engagement centre, all designed to keep customers coming back for more and sharing positive feedback with their networks.

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