Digital Transformation, The Open Source Way

Using open source principles to unite teams, technology, and processes

Published April 2019


The world has changed. Digital devices and services connect the planet and offer customers more choices than ever before. Every industry faces disruption, and businesses must transform to meet consumer demands and stay ahead of the competition. IDC’s FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2018 Predictions stated that “85% believe having the right combination of culture, process, and technology are most critical to an organization’s digital transformation success.”

Business leaders understand that digital transformation is critical to ongoing success. However, legacy technology, outdated processes, and separate IT initiatives can stall or even halt transformation before tangible business benefits are realized. There is a very real potential of better living through software—if businesses can get there fast enough.

The approach organizational leaders take toward transformation will impact their success or failure. Laying the foundation for continual transformation is the key to success. Collaborative cultures, open and transparent processes, and industry-tested, open tools provide the agility and security needed to support transformation—today and tomorrow.

Transformation begins when organizations adopt an open approach to business in three critical areas: culture, process, and technology.

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