Office 365 Cyber Resilience: Avoid the Icarus Effect

Finding and fixing the security, compliance and continuity issues

Attacks and outages happen, in the cloud as anywhere else. Back in the day, when we used on-premises solutions like Exchange we would surround ourselves with an ecosystem of technologies to mitigate risk, so why should cloud-based solutions be any different?

Specifically, Office 365 and Microsoft’s cloud doesn’t remove risk, yet many choose to ignore the need for resilience. So, what are they missing? In this session, we speak to J. Peter Bruzzese, Mimecast’s MVP for Office Apps and Services to find out. We cover:

  • What is the connection between Office 365 and Icarus? Really?
  • Why isn’t the Microsoft cloud-based ecosystem sufficient?
  • What’s missing from the perspective of security, compliance and continuity
  • Moving into the future — how to enhance and protect moving forward

This session will help you identify the gaps in Office 365 from a security, compliance and continuity perspective and help you avoid the Icarus effect. If you’re looking to move to cloud-based models or if you’re already there and are feeling under-protected, tune in and bring your questions with you.

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