Data Protection's Role in Cloud Migration and IT Modernization

Learn how to connect these two initiatives - IT modernization and cloud data protection

Published April 2019


IT leaders looking for flexibility and cost savings may be surprised to learn data protection has a role in both cloud migrations and IT modernization efforts. Combine the goals of your cloud data migration, IT modernization initiative and data protection plans and you can potentially move more data as well as run more applications in the cloud.

You can create a cloud migration plan that includes automation and orchestration to speed moving applications, databases, virtual machines and more to the cloud. Consolidating multiple data protection products can mean risk reduction in downtime, data loss, recovery speed and litigation support.

Watch this webinar to learn:

• Where data protection fits in an IT modernization strategy

• How to speed cloud data migration initiatives

• When it’s time to turn off an aging backup platform

• Why old backup and disaster recovery products won’t meet your needs

• What industry changes make data recovery a critical priority

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