Taming the digital world through network application intelligence

Real-world examples, scenarios and even a demo


Digital transformation is a noble aspiration shared by most enterprises, but as organisations look to reinvent their business models, their use of technology fundamentally shifts. Not least, as digital applications become more distributed, it becomes harder to keep tabs on service delivery and security.

Potentially last to be asked, but first to deal with the consequences are the IT teams diagnosing and resolving issues. Faced with challenges from user experience monitoring to cybersecurity, most still work at the packet level with in-house tools built for a different era. So, what to do about it?

We speak to Bassam Khan, Vice President of Product and Technical Marketing at provider Gigamon, about network-level visibility meets the needs of new digital order; massively scalable, distributed applications organizations are employing to respond to their own digital transformation journey. We cover:

  • The transformation impact: how applications are becoming more distributed and harder to manage - how applications have become highly distributed and why current management approach aren’t sufficient
  • The visibility response, in terms of how monitoring tools can make application-based activity more visible - in terms of how new advances in application aware networking make current monitoring tools even better
  • The practical approach, to deliver application awareness across the transformation and reinvention journey - to deliver application awareness across every organisation’s business reinvention journey

Across the webinar, we draw from real-world examples, scenarios and even a demo to show how clear network visibility has become the solution to digital transformation, without becoming part of the problem.

Want to know more? Then tune in.

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