Removing Friction from the Customer Banking Experience

A Snowflake Customer Case Study

Published May 2019


Matching people who want to borrow money with those willing to lend it, Harmoney is Australasia’s leading licensed marketplace lending platform. Harmoney has matched over 32,000 borrowers ($1 billion in loans) in its first four years alone. Unfortunately, its data warehouse wasn’t providing the analytics necessary to better understand customers, improve the platform experience, and support rapid growth.

Harmoney knew the answer to its problems wasn’t going to be scaling up SQL Server and adding a data integration tool. “Putting cloud sources into an in-house database platform just didn’t make sense. You get the best out of the cloud when you use tools that are integrated within the cloud,” Davis said.

The company tested various data warehouse technologies, including a large public cloud offering that lacked the performance they wanted. Snowflake’s cloud-built architecture and instant elasticity combined with its ability to store vast amounts of differing data types won the company over. Harmoney is also using Alooma to integrate data from a range of sources into Snowflake via Snowpipe at minimal cost, and it’s using Talend to pull data from other source systems and load it into Snowflake.

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