Build A Better Government In The Cloud

European Governments Leverage Commercial Cloud To Digitally Transform

Published June 2019


European governments strive to deliver on promises to provide better, smarter, and more efficient services through digital transformation. But the breadth and depth of computing and infrastructure requirements are at odds with modest IT budgets. Government leaders tread a fine line: They must deliver the services their citizens need —and demand —while strictly managing (if not reducing) their budgets.

In November 2018, AWS commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate European government plans, priorities, and challenges regarding digital transformation. They found that European governments are highly engaged in modernizing their infrastructure to meet citizen expectations. Further, they found that cloud is the backbone of government modernization initiatives (e.g., “smart cities”). Commercial cloud —i.e., hosted commercial solutions, also known as public cloud —will be critical in helping governments manage costs while achieving their goals.

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