Your Data Deserves Better: Modernising Security

Practical Steps to Harness Operational Insights


OK, let’s get down to operational business.

Most organizations we speak to have a wealth of IT infrastructure and large volumes of related data, but face challenges scaling and securing the collection, analysis, correlation and visualisation of this data to drive the real-time insights they need to predict, diagnose and resolve critical issues.

Pervasive, next-generation application stacks, distributed cloud architectures, containerisation, micro-services and serverless technology adoption fuels complexity; meanwhile, lack of skilled resources and increasing volume, velocity, veracity and variety of data, add to the mix.

So, what’s the answer — more visibility, more automation or more skill and collaboration, or what else?

In this, short, sweet and practical series, we speak to experts from Sumo Logic to learn how their customers are benefiting from advanced IT analytics, distilling the unique value and relevance of operational data analytics and critical use cases into bite-sized best practice. We’ll be looking at:

Part 1 - From Analytics to Action
Deploying at scale, practical, actionable insights from your IT operations data, wherever it is sourced

Part 2 - Delivering Observability
Centralizing real-time monitoring and troubleshooting of the modern application stack

Part 3 - Modernising Security
Security instrumentation enabling highest level of trust, protection and compliance across dynamic distributed environments

In each sequenced session, we turn practical experience based on real examples into the specific steps you can take to make a difference.

We guarantee all killer, no filler or your money back! So tune in.

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