Reboot your Future - Practical Steps to the Cloud

Real-world lessons and experiences


They said it would be easy. Moving to the cloud was originally touted as a quick job, but that didn’t take into account the complexity, sunk costs, licensing and other challenges caused by existing environments.

Even as organisations want to unlock the future and benefit from the additional functionality and dynamism of cloud-based models, they can find themselves constrained by the past.

Following up on the theory we discussed earlier this year, it’s time to roll out the practice. In this webcast we speak to Mark Walker, head of technology at Derby City Council, to share the organisation's challenges, opportunities and lessons learned on its journey to the public cloud.

We cover:

  • Context-setting, covering the challenges faced by public sector organisations and the resulting costs.
  • What options are available, from hyper-converged infrastructure to cloud-first architectures.
  • Case study, looking at the specifics of Derby City Council’s experience, with lessons learned along the way.
  • How to move forward, broadening out lessons to organisations of all sizes.

We’ll also bring in Steve McElfatrick, senior systems engineer at Nutanix, and Tony Lock, distinguished analyst at Freeform Dynamics as well as our own Jon Collins to keep everything in order.

So, if you are looking to benefit from the opportunities offered by cloud-first models, or struggling to leave the past behind as you adopt cloud-based infrastructure and services, tune in.

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