Improving Team Communication Can Reduce Staff Turnover

Interview with Andrew Main

Published June 2019


SerTech Exchange founder and former President of Aramark U.K., Andrew Main explains what he sees as the biggest challenges facing the services sector today, and how new communication technology can change the way the industry works.

Andrew Main began his career at the age of eight when he worked small jobs at his grandfather’s saddlery business in a rural town in Scotland. From age 11 through to college, he was tasked with serving customers at the front-shop. Come his late 20s, he was heading an offshore catering company, and by his early 40s, he was leading Aramark’s U.S. Business Dining operations, a billion dollar annual revenue business.

In this interview, Eko chat with Andrew on his journey, an incident that changed his outlook on life, the biggest challenge he believes the services industry faces, and why staff engagement should be at the centre of any high-performing business strategy.

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