5 Uncomfortable Truths About Phishing Defense

The truth will set you free - and strengthen your phishing defense

Published July 2019


Get out of your comfort zone and embrace the truth about phishing defense and today’s rapidly changing threat landscape.

When over 90% of breaches start as phishing emails - threats that email gateways miss and other defenses are slow to stop - you need to stare the truth in the eye and rethink your approach.

Read this e-book and learn:

  • Why technology is vital but hardly a silver bullet
  • How human defenders, starting with users, give the SOC added visibility to threats
  • Why the best security awareness training will never deliver a zero click rate
  • Why users are NOT the problem
  • What effective phishing analysis and response look like

Take the next step in bolstering your defense against email threats. Download the “5 Uncomfortable Truths about Phishing Defense” now!

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