Russian Federation Cybersecurity Profile

To defend against Russian adversaries, an examination is needed in order to understand how the Russian Federation Operates

Published July 2019


Whether it’s interfering with global elections or targeting neighboring countries with ransomware, the Russian Federation is well-known for its aggressive cyber-strategy. The motivations for these attacks are deeply intertwined with Russia’s social, economic, political, and even historic climate.

The culmination of these factors is a highly motivated and technologically sophisticated nation. In order for cyber defenders to adequately prepare for Russian adversaries at the individual, organized-crime, and government level, they must understand how the Russian Federation tactically operates and why they strategically choose to do so.

This research report from Anomali Labs provides a thorough examination of the Russian Federation, including:

● Current Political, Economic, and Security Landscape
● National Cyber Strategy
● Russian-Based Organized Crime
● Civil Society and Discontents
● Future Concerns: Elections, Balkans, Central Europe, U.S.

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