2019 IT Architecture Modernisation Trends

A Survey of IT Executives at Large Enterprises

Published August 2019


The world is evolving rapidly. Customers are demanding more, and business results are increasingly scrutinised. Today’s technology has the potential to enable new revenue opportunities, smarter cost savings, and better insights to drive strategic planning. There have never been more opportunities for IT and technology visionaries to deliver game-changing innovations that drive direct business outcomes.

However, while the new world is exciting and full of potential, IT executives must first make the decisions on how to invest in innovation and new solutions without reducing support for existing business-critical technology. The only possible way to meet both objectives is through modernisation of IT architectures.

But what does this mean for large enterprises? The following report, sponsored by DataStax, is based on an online survey of 304 IT executives working at companies with more than 5,000 employees. The goal of the survey was to understand current experiences with and plans to reduce complexity and cost around architecture modernisation.

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