Adopting AIOps

Revolution or Evolution?

Published August 2019


In order to drive digital transformation, businesses are rapidly evolving their IT stack to become more agile, scalable and cost effective. They are adopting new tools and platforms, such as public cloud, microservices, containers, and serverless technologies. Businesses are also adopting DevOps and CI/CD practices to allow them to move faster in the marketplace. At the same time, businesses continue to retain many of their legacy and homegrown technologies that were accumulated over many decades.

Unfortunately for most businesses, these changes have dramatically increased the scale, fragmentation and complexity of their IT stack. This has created a growing tsunami of IT noise that IT operations teams are simply unequipped to handle effectively in order to keep their business running smoothly.

The results have been disastrous for enterprises in terms of high costs, poor performance, and risk to new digital initiatives. IT operations teams are drowning in too much data, too many incidents and too many tickets and notifications.

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