SIEM + Threat Intelligence

Quickly Identify the Threats that Matter to You

Published August 2019


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems are among the most versatile tools available for empowering your security organization. You might even say that they’re the one security tool you can’t live without. And, for many applications, you’re right.

Yet, despite their many benefits, SIEMs are only as useful as the information you put in them. Inundate them with un-validated, raw threat data and the outcome is not pretty. In the face of hundreds, if not thousands of false positives, security teams must wade through the “noise” and try to piece together what’s going on, wasting valuable time and resources.

SIEMs are a powerful tool for collecting and correlating event data and have a well-deserved place within your security infrastructure for centralized log management. But to truly shine they need to be supported by other technologies in your arsenal – most notably, a threat intelligence platform.

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