Data Protection for the Enterprise with Commvault and HPE

Delivering Enterprise-class Data Protection Service Levels

Published October 2019


The data protection market has never been more dynamic, with many challenges affecting end-users who will in turn review their backup and recovery architecture and strategy on a regular basis: 56% of end-users report that they review their backup architecture and strategy every two years or less, and 31% say that they do so every year. This places pressures on vendors who understandably compete fiercely to gain a foothold in new accounts, or defend their position where they are the incumbent. In their recent research survey of the 2018 data protection market, ESG identified certain factors that were “hot buttons” or triggers that could drive organizations to seek new primary vendors. Cloud and reliability were the most-reported answers, pointing to the need to adapt the topology and leverage technology solutions that are proven in these areas.

The situation facing IT leaders who manage data protection environments on a daily basis is no walk in the park. Improving service levels for backup and recovery was by far the most-often cited data protection challenge, in a list that also included in top positions cost management and the challenge of protecting virtual infrastructures. The fundamental takeaway is that, in the enterprise market, it’s about the business, which translates into supporting the business and ensuring the uptime of its critical applications and data.

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