The Definitive Guide to VDI on Hyperconverged Infrastructure

A Nutanix Whitepaper

Published October 2019


After the selection of the right strategy and software vendor for delivering EUC services and applications, infrastructure choices make up the next big decision for application and desktop virtualisation projects.

The compute and storage infrastructure is the foundation that one will build services on. Similar to electricity and water, we count on them, and they should just work when we turn the faucet or switch on.

Without a stable, highly available and high performance infrastructure underlying the design, IT will be facing any number of challenges during the deployment and operational phases of your EUC project. This re-enforces the reality that the infrastructure is very important, but spending a large portion of IT’s time on the infrastructure is a black hole. Architects and engineers need to be focused on providing the EUC services and applications, rather than managing the plumbing.

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