DataCore ONE brings new appliances and analytical insights to its high-performance SDS platform

Simplifying the transition from SAN-based storage platforms to HCI

Published October 2019


As an early advocate of the software-defined storage model, DataCore has leveraged its patented Adaptive Parallel I/O technology to bring top-level storage performance to scale-out SDS.

DataCore’s SANsymphony SDS platform is already validated for primary and secondary storage applications on x86 systems from more than 30 top-tier vendors, and as part of its unifying DataCore ONE announcement, it has unveiled a new pair of DataCore HCI-Flex appliances for customers that prefer the convenience of pre-integrated HCI systems. Also announced is a new cloud-based analytics platform (DataCore Insights Services) for single pane of management, as well as a new subscriptionbased pricing model.

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