2 Reasons Why Memory-Accelerated FlexPod Is Rocket Fuel for Your Enterprise Apps

Shrink latency to near zero and reduce your hardware and software costs

Published October 2019


Do you want to uncover valuable business insights for your enterprise applications? Are you looking to respond in real time to your customers or optimize your applications? These capabilities are just some of the opportunities that big data presents.

But big data comes with big challenges, such as massive datasets and increasing performance demands. These days, you need to be able to analyze and share data in real time.

How do you take full advantage of big data and achieve even higher performance? New Intel Optane DC persistent memory is a key technology that can help. Yet until recently, you had to rearchitect your critical applications to use this technology. Now, with Memory-Accelerated (MAX) FlexPod with NetApp MAX Data and Intel Optane, you can easily turbocharge your applications without any rewrites.

If you’re looking to shrink latency to near zero and reduce your hardware and software costs, keep reading.

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